Choosing A Software

Many of us when choosing a software, we just choose it. Some of our choices are based on what other people are using, what is installed by default or anything that works. That’s probably fine if it solves your problem and there no bad things going on like unwanted data collection, profiling etc. But we should give some thoughts before choosing a software. I always try to use software that has the followings except for some specific situations.

Open source

I always give preferences to open source software over closed source. There are some reasons.

  1. I like to have a permissive license. I don’t like the restrictions that are put upon me by closed source software. As a software developer and someone who like computer in general want to see the code, maybe change it, learn from it etc.
  2. I don’t want the software to spy on me or collect data about me while I’m unaware. And open source software is a far better solution than closed source in this regard. In closed source software your entire privacy is based on trust on the software developer… probably.


I don’t want anyone with internet connection and skills can see what I am doing. I avoid software that doesn’t use encryption. I try not to use software that uses TLS encryption. I like to use software that uses E2E encryption. And I love to use software that uses E2E with zero access encryption.

Cross platform

For the same task I don’t wanna use or don’t wanna learn to use multiple software. That’s why I choose software that are cross platform.

Features Rich

It should have all the related features that are essential for the problem it solves. It is really annoying to use a different software for only one or two features that your go to software doesn’t have.


This is an awesome part of a software. You get to learn the whole software from the people who created it. It is almost all the time up to date. And it doesn’t cost you money.

If you are interested, let me know what the things are you look for while choosing a software. And if you have any feedback, or wanna suggest something please do so.



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